All You Need To Know About Bhulekh Odisha Land Records 2019-Latest

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They can now avail the facility of online Land record, Patta within seconds. The government of the Odisha is continuously focussing on the assistance of the people.

So the online portal for the Odisha Bhulekh. It will help the people of the state to check the land record in the form of Computerized form. Under the facility of online availability of the online portal, the government can help the people of Odisha.

The department concerned will make sure that you will get accurate and reliable details. Now the citizen of Bhulekh Odisha will visit the official site of Bhulekh.

The Online Portal of the Land record is named as Odisha ‘Bhulekh’. It will help the landowners to get the details of the land.

In the article below you will get the basic information of the Bhulekh. All you need to know about the Bhulekh of Odisha Land record is below.
Land record search of Odisha/ Bhulekh Odisha

If you are interested to check the Online details of the Odisha Bhulekh. You should follow the steps in the procedure indicated below for the assistance of the people of the state.

It will help people and make the task easily accessible and reliable to use. You can attain the benefit of getting information online at a click for the farmers and the other property holders of the state.

To check the online Land record the candidate has to enter the District, tehsil, Village and the other relevant details.

Visit the official site above. Then enter the details of your District, Tehsil, Village, RI Circle & RI Circle.

You would be able to search the land details as per the tenant name, Plot number, Bhu Naksha. For all of the above land record. The candidate has to follow the steps as follows:

Visit the official site.
Then select the Tenant Name, “ROR View”, Plot Number option.
Select the district.
Select your Tehsil from the options available.
Choose your village name.
Thereafter select your RI circle.
Enter the other required details.
Click to submit the application to search the land record.

The candidate can also obtain Map of the property or the land owned. It is available in the form of Bhu- Naksha.

The online portal will save the time of the candidate. It will also reduce fraud related to Land selling and purchasing.

Helpful for the people who have less access to the Land details as they can’t get the information. So make use of the technology and internet to get the online land details of Odisha.

Almin Valyani Is Digital Marketer and Tech Geek.

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