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Download twitter videos with

You might be wondering to know that more than a million data in the form of
image, gif, video etc. get uploaded on twitter. By this data we can estimate that from all over the world more than a billion active users use twitter per month.
The only complain most of the twitter users have is that twitter doesn’t allow
them to download twitter gif or video from twitter.
If you are the one who complained but don’t get response from twitter then here I am going to share one of the best tool available out there which will help you to Twitter Video Download your favorite video and GIF from twitter.
Even, there are thousands of third party tools available out there which promises you to let you to download twitter GIF and videos from twitter but all of them doesn’t work, most of them just spread spam.

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But you don’t worry because already I have selected that tool for you which will complete your requirement.

So, let’s begin…

How To Download Twitter Video For iPhone

First of let’s discuss little bit about this tool then move ahead to know the steps
that how you can download or save videos and GIF using this tool called Downloader4twitter.
Downloader4twitter is an online tool available for all platforms and have been
made only just for the purpose of letting you download Twitter Gif and videos from twitter.
It is a very easy and simple with an awesome User interface tool to download
twitter gif and videos.
To download the video using this tool you just have to copy and paste the URL of your twitter video or gif which you want to download.
Here I am going to share step by step guidelines that how you can download GIF and video using this tool…

1. Open twitter login into your account. And then search for a gif or video
which you want to download.
2. Once you find the your desired gif or video find their link, and here is how
you will find the link-
a. Click on the tweet which has contained a video and then copy the
link from the address bar.
b. Second method is, on the top right corner you will see a drop down
list click on it and select copy the link option.

3. Once you have done all the steps given above successfully, close the twitter
and open downloader4twitter tool in which you will see a text box.
4. Paste the URL in it and click on download.
5. Finally, after doing all the interpretation, it might ask you to select the
resolution to download the video but if you are downloading a gif file then
directly it will save the file into your device.
So, these are the few simple steps using which you can download gif and video successfully.


Let’s wrap up…
Twitter doesn’t allow you to download video or gif file from its site and so that
some of you might have got irritated too and just to solve this problem I have
shared one of the best tool using which you can download video or gif successfully.

Almin Valyani Is Digital Marketer and Tech Geek.

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