How to download videos from facebook

there are three methods to download videos from Facebook

Method : — 1

On the off chance that you already transferred the video you need to download, you can download the video by taking after the means underneath.

Step: -1 First of all open the facebook and search the video in your photo section.

Step: -2 After that click on the video opens it in facebook.

Step: -3 When you finally open the video click on the options link under the video link.

Step: -4 Then you will show the options menu. you will see the two downloads option there if the video was recorded in high definition than Download HD and Download SD will be available options to select. then select the download option what you want, then finally, a video will start the download.

Here is method 2 to download videos from facebook

Method: -2

Sadly, Facebook doesn’t give a simple alternative to downloading companion and family recordings. Be that as it may, taking the means beneath permits you to download any transferred video on Facebook with no product.

Step: -1 Sign into Facebook and discover the video you need to download.

Step: -2 Right-tap on the video and select Show video URL.

Step: -3 A little fly up window ought to show up, with the video URL. Press Ctrl+C on the console to duplicate the URL.

Step: -4 In the program’s Address bar, press Ctrl+V to glue the video URL.

Step: -5 Alter the video URL, evolving the “www” toward the start of the URL to “m”. The URL ought to then begin with

Step: -6 Once changed, press Enter to open the portable adaptation of the page and take the means beneath, contingent upon your program.

Now it’s time for the method 3

Method : — 3

So this is a very easy method to Download your video from facebook.

Step: — 1 Open the facebook profile.

Step: — 2 Go to the pages or videos where you want to download video from facebook.

Step: -3 Right clicks on video which you have to download and copy the link location of the video.

Step: — 4 Now new tabs on your browser and go to the this link.

Step: — 5 you will get the new Url option paste there video link location now you will see the option of download video size now choose the video size wich you download

Step: — 6 Now click on download then your download will start soon.

So, friends, this is the method of download facebook videos hope you like this method for more information click here thanks.

Almin Valyani Is Digital Marketer and Tech Geek.

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